2015 Quick Charge Power Jesla


The JESLA™ is a custom conversion of a Tesla 40 amp charging cable to make it compatible with any EV that accepts a standard J1772 connector. Depending on your car’s internal charger rating, the JESLA can charge an EV up to 600% faster than using the OEM charging cable.

Just like the OEM Tesla cable, the JESLA comes with both a 240V (NEMA 14-50) and 120V (NEMA 5-15) adapter. QC Power also makes optional 10-30, 14-30, and 5-20 adapters, so you can plug in just about anywhere there is a 240 circuit.

The charge cable automatically adjusts the amperage by simply switching out the adapter. This allows you to connect to 5 different kind of power supply outlets without worry of overloading the circuit.

QC Power also includes a padlock for charging at public charge stations without worry about being disconnected or theft of the cable.

The JESLA™ will operate at up to 40 amps at 240 volts when connected to a 50 amp/240 volt outlet. The cable works with a Tesla when using the standard UMC-J1772 adapter that comes with the vehicle. So if you have a Tesla and another EV, you could use the JESLA to charge both cars. QC Power also makes an extension cord called the JLONG (depicted below) that allows you to extend the reach of any J1772 cable.

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