Big Bud AWD Profile


Easy Motion Big Bud's 4-inch wide knobby tires grab your attention. Driving those big tires are two hub motors: 250W in the front and 350W in the rear, which gives the Big Bud all-wheel drive so it can make easy work of the terrain most riders will face.


Fat bikes are gaining in popularity across the traditional and ebike markets. The big tires give the bikes extra traction making them capable of riding over snow, unpacked sand and loose gravel. Because the tires have extra give, they can soak up rougher terrain than other non-suspension bikes. It adds up to a smooth, comfortable ride in terrain ranging from a sandy beach to a rough dirt bike path or fire road. One of the downsides of fat bikes - the added rolling resistance caused by the big, soft tires – is mitigated by the bike's drive system.


Big Bud uses a steeply sloped top tube to ensure the bike has maximum ground clearance but still has a manageable step-over height. The integrated downtube battery by Samsung keeps weight centralized and low.


Fat bikes continue to move from niche to mainstream, and the Big Bud looks to be a solid contender in the category. It would be a fun ride for anyone from an avid outdoorsman to a commuter looking to ride their bike 12 months out of the year in all weather conditions.

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