EV and Solar Charging Buyer's Guide on sale at Barnes & Noble


Electric Car Insider's 2015 Solar Charging Buyer's Guide is now available at Barnes & Noble. The guide contains a full-page profile - including specifications and photos - of the top solar panels and residential vehicle charging stations along with new electric vehicles, bikes and motorcycles. Our cover story is an in-depth review of the second generation plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt. Chevy has taken their class-leading PHEV and increased the all-electric mileage and improved fuel efficiency while giving it an all-new eye-catching exterior and redesigned interior. Also on the cover are the Empulse TT electric motorcycle from Victory, the storied American brand known for cruisers that compete with Harley-Davidson, and the NYX carbon fiber frame kit, an ebike frame that lets the rider choose their perfect components for a grail build.


New EVs profiles include:

2016 extended range Nissan Leaf

2016 Karma Automotive's as-yet-named hybrid performance sedan

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander; a crossover SUV that is Europe's top-selling EV


The new electric motorcycles covered include:

2016 Victory Empulse TT

Yamaha PED2 and PES2 prototypes


New bicycles profiled include:

Stromer ST2

Faraday Porteur

Easy Motion Big Bud AWD Fat Tire

NYX Carbon Fiber Frame Kit

Prodecotech Phantom V5

Treftecta DRT


The Solar Charging Buyer's Guide features Solar Panels and EVSEs from some of the top manufacturers.


Solar Panel manufacturers include:

Solar World

LG Electronics

Trina Solar





Residential EVSE manufacturers include:



Clipper Creek



Plugless Power



Residential stationary storage from top names including:


GS Battery

Crown Battery 


To compliment the Buyer's Guides, Electric Car Insider magazine also has feature articles including:

An explainer designed to give consumers the knowledge needed to start an informed conversation with their installer about adding solar panels to their residence.

Information about the utility pricing program developed to help encourage alternative power adoption called Net Metering.

A look at Citizens Climate Lobby, a grassroots organization that empowers citizens to campaign for mechanisms to address climate change through carbon fee and dividend legislation.

An overview of National Drive Electric Week where 130,000 people attended 196 gatherings throughout North America to promote driving electric.



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