Stromer ST2 Profile


Stromer’s next generation of electric-bike, the ST2, takes the Swiss precision and exquisite build-quality the brand is known for and bumps it all to a whole new level.

Featuring the new more compact SYNO Drive rear-wheel hub motor, the 93-mile range and 28 MPH max speed is a standout at any price point. Delivering 500W of power and 26 ft-lbs. of torque, the ST2 has tons of usable power. Regenerative braking along with the motor’s 3 power modes are operated by a backlit handlebar-mounted controller. An accelerometer and gyro mounted in the display sense changes in terrain and adjusts motor output.

Ride the ST2 to the coffee shop and people will never suspect it’s an e-bike. Like the ST1, Stromer has hidden the ST2’s battery and all the wires inside the frame. The downtube-mounted battery can be charged either on or off the bike.

Omni, the all-new fully-integrated user-interface that can be operated via the touchscreen integrated into the toptube or via the Stromer app, the ST2 is connected and allows users to track real-time telemetrics, GSM and GPS. Bluetooth connectivity allows riders to use their smartphones for turn-by-turn directions. Cloud connectivity allows for software updates. A bonus is the GPS theft recovery feature.

If you want one of the best-built bikes with tons of hi-tech features, the ST2 should be on your list for a test ride.

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