A2B Ferber


At first glance, the Ferber – named after French aeronautical pioneer Ferdinand Ferber – looks like so many other electric comfort commuters on the market today. Take a little time to appreciate what the Ferber does and it is this lack of immediate pizzaz that makes this ebike from A2B such a standout. What it does, it does exceptionally well and at a great price point.


Departing from the radical frame design of some of the other bikes in the A2B line, the Ferber maintains the brand’s 6061 aluminum with prominent weld aesthetic. But opting for a simple step-through design, upright riding position and swept-back handlebars, the bike is easy to mount and very comfortable to use. Being available in multiple frame sizes means there is going to be a size that fits most riders.


Usability is standard equipment on the Ferber. It comes equipped with plenty of well thought out items including: full fenders; solid, well-built chain guard; integrated LED headlight and taillight; and a rear rack that houses the battery and can carry 22 lbs of cargo. The rear rack is build with standard sized tubing, which makes attaching aftermarket panniers easy. Carrying a lunchbox and laptop to work or a bundle of produce home from the farmer’s market will be a breeze.


The Ferber should be on your short list if you are shopping for an electric commuter with plenty of attention to detail, quality construction, an easy-on-the-budget price point, and solid warranty.


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