AAA Colorado unveils truck capable of emergency roadside EV charging


AAA began deploying EV charging trucks in 2011. Since then, they have deployed trucks to municipalities including Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tucson. AAA Colorado unveiled their electric vehicle charging truck earlier this year.


Offering charges to members in the Denver area, the electric vehicle charging truck can charge all current EVs at Level II (240 volts @ 30 amps). The truck is also the first of its kind that can provide an 80-amp charge. AAA will provide members with discharged electric vehicles a 15-minute quick charge, which will allow most vehicles to be driven approximately 10 miles.


"Denver has been ranked among the top friendliest metropolitan areas for drivers of electric vehicles," said Tony DeNovellis, President and CEO of AAA Colorado. "AAA Colorado is pleased to add to that reputation by making this roadside service available to its members. AAA has long been a leader in addressing the needs of motorists, providing jump starts, tows, new batteries, fuel and locksmith services to our members in need. With the introduction of mobile electric vehicle charging, AAA is continuing that tradition."

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