Chevrolet Volt


GM created a great deal of excitement in the EV enthusiast community with the unveiling of the production Volt in 2008. GM's approach to an electric car, series hybrid, in which the main propulsion is from the electric motor with the gas engine turning a generator that charges the batteries, offered “true electric” alternative to the mild hybrids then available. GM had the deep technical bench to offer a well engineered solution that provided the performance American drivers demand yet true green cred. Their solution, which allows the gas engine to provide direct drive to the wheels when needed, is the most sophisticated approach on the market. Under most driving scenarios, on trips under 40 miles, the gas engine is not used at all, providing all-electric driving ecology and economy.

For the second year in a row, Consumer Reports reported that the Chevy Volt beat out all other vehicles, not just electric or hybrid, in their annual Owner Satisfaction Survey. The Volt topped vehicles such as the Porsche 911, Toyota Prius and Chevy Corvette with an outstanding 92% of Volt owners reporting that they would purchase the same vehicle if they were to "do it all over again".


Electric Range: 38

Total Range: 379

Combined MPGe: 94 

Battery Capacity: 16.5 kWh


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