Crown Battery Renewable Power Batteries


The Crown Renewable Power Battery line of lead-acid flooded-cell batteries were designed from the ground up to be used in renewable energy stationary storage systems.

The Ohio-based company has designed the line to be easily maintained. The PROEye electrolyte monitoring system makes keeping watch of fluid levels easy. If the indicator is green, watering isn't needed. If the indicator is clear, watering is needed. Engineered with additional fluid head space above the inner plates, specialized cell construction, and a battery cover and vents that capture the gasses produced during charging and returns the fluid to the battery, it adds up to less preventative maintenance for users. 

Crown has developed other propriety technologies designed to increase the battery life and reliability of the Renewable Power line. The company uses lead oxide from their own mills to create the lead plates used in the batteries. This allows them to carefully control the quality and the amount of lead used in each battery. And, since assembly is handled at their automated facilities, they can further control quality resulting in optimum performance and life of the battery. Their Posi-Wrap plate protection system is designed to ensure the battery's internal plates are perfectly aligned resulting in improved battery performance and less chance for internal short circuits from plate misalignment and mossing, which is a build up of conductive crystals between plates.

The line has 21 different batteries with capacity ratings that range from 120Ah to 3,690Ah in 2, 6 and 12V configurations.

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