Update 11 - ECI Mobile App project on Kickstarter concludes after achieving 115% of goal

Update 11 - ECI Mobile App project on Kickstarter concludes after achieving 115% of goal

Posted 7/9/2016 in News by Christopher

Electric Car Insider's Mobile App project on Kickstarter has concluded after reaching 115% of goal.  Thank you backers!

Reward packages that include print magazines and T-shirts will begin to ship tomorrow, Wednesday July 13 as we receive "Kickstarter Survey" results with shipping info from Backers. 

Thank you to the backers who supported the awareness and education tools which will help achieve a zero emissions future.

The interactive App is a multimedia version of the ECI EV Buyers Guide for tablets and mobile devices. The purpose of the app is to educate tens of thousands of people interested in driving zero emission electric vehicles. Greater awareness and education of electric cars, motorcycles and bicycles is the key to increasing the number of EV drivers and riders. More EV drivers will improve air quality and reduce dependence on foreign oil.

The Kickstarter campaign enables the creation of tools which Electric Car enthusiasts and advocates use to help spread the word about EVs. The educational literature enables ECI readers to amplify their influence among their friends and colleagues.

The 2016 Kickstarter campaign is the second for Electric Car Insider magazine. In the 4th quarter of 2014, ECI held a successful campaign to fund the development of the print edition of the 2015 EV Buyers Guide, raising over $12,000 and enabling ECI to distribute the magazine through Barnes & Noble in the US and Chapters/Indigo in Canada.

The Kickstarter campaign has ended but you can still view the informational video at:




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