EMW JuiceBox Pro 40


The JuiceBox Pro 40 is the flagship charging station by Electric Motor Werks (EMW). The 10kW 40A EVSE  features energy metering, Wi-Fi connectivity, scheduling, notifications, and a smartphone app, which can be used to configure the unit remotely.

The JuiceBox can be configured to send up to 10 different notifications, including charge start, time in use, and end of charge. The JuiceBox Pro 40 can even alert owners via the app if they forgot to plug in their car by a particular time. 

The charger ships with a NEMA 14-50P plug that fits an electric range outlet. Other outlet adapters are available. Designed to be removed from its mounting bracket in a few seconds, the JuiceBox can be used as a portable charger. 

The Pro 40 is based on an open source software. Customized software can even be shared with others. 

EMW also offers simpler 40A and 30A models that don't feature the Pro's built-in WiFi and energy metering. The JuiceBox Green 40 model is a collaboration with WattTime, an environmental software non-profit. The Green 40 synchs charging with WattTime's real-time data of power grid operators and EPA data to detect when surplus power is available from your local utility's renewable or highly-efficient power plants. This feature reduces pollution while decreasing consumer energy costs.

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