Evatran Plugless


The Plugless system takes the convenience of not having to fill up at a gas station to the next level. Never mess with a wet or dirty charging cable. Don't worry about accidentally running over and damaging the plug. Even the most forgetful EV owner can come out to a fully-charged car in the morning. Plugless offers 3.3kW wireless charging for Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and Cadillac ELR models. A series of lighted arrows guides drivers to ensure they are parked properly over the floor pad.


The charger has 3 components: the wall unit, the parking pad and the vehicle-mounted adapter. Each vehicle's adapter is tucked up under the rear of the vehicle and doesn't impact ground clearance. Having the Plugless charging system installed doesn't interfere with any of the vehicle's other characteristics. All of your EV’s native systems – onboard charger, software and apps – will operate 100% as designed. The installation is totally reversible. And, the vehicle's factory warranty isn't effected at all.


The control panel and parking pad can be used inside or out. They'll work covered in snow and in the rain. According to the manufacturer, about the only place where they wouldn't encourage the installation of the parking pad is someplace where standing water might accumulate on it or where you might have continual running water.


Plugless offers lease deals for the system, which makes it an affordable option for any budget.

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