EV group Evolve KY featured in new Indiegogo funded film

EV group Evolve KY featured in new Indiegogo funded film

Posted 09.1.17 in News by Stuart Ungar

When you think about the electric car revolution, Kentucky may not be the first state to come to mind.  But, a new short documentary aims to shine the spotlight on the unique opportunities and challenges a state like Kentucky faces in promoting cleaner personal transportation.

“EVOLVE: Driving a Clean Future in Coal Country,” is a film by award-winning Louisville, KY filmmaker Ben Evans.  His documentary YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip was featured on Netflix.  

The film follows the local EV group Evolve KY through their efforts to both educate and excite the general public on the features and benefits of owning and driving an electric car. Though ride and drives, their growing membership base and their Adopt a Charger program, they start to get noticed by the community in a big way.  

Filming takes place throughout the state and of course there is a trip to eastern Kentucky “coal country” too.  Footage of the coal museum (that recently installed solar panels on their roof to save money) and impromptu rides in a Tesla Model S shows that the community there is open to a cleaner more exciting future -- perhaps one with even greater economic opportunities.

To to see the film trailer and help support this effort on Indiegogo please visit: http://igg.me/at/evolveky

As of September 11, the campaign has raised just under $15,000 of its $25,000 goal. The campaign ends September 28, so if you're willing to pitch in, please make a pledge today.  

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