Faraday Porteur


The Faraday Porteur is one of the smoothest, quietest, most beautiful electric bikes I’ve ever tested. Faraday opts for a clean carbon-belt drive and internally geared hub combined with integrated cells and a medium power motor to keep overall weight down while focusing on balance and efficiency. Available in 3 sizes, all utilize the high-step double top tube design. Complimenting the frame and mechanical drivetrain is an intuitive electronics setup that’s so easy to operate you could literally turn the bike on and change power levels with your eyes closed. 


Drive comes from a 250W motor geared to provide excellent torque for starting and climbing. It’s located in the front wheel in order to accommodate an 8-speed internally geared Shimano Alfine hub in the rear. The batteries are housed in the downtube, but it’s not easily removable for charging. But, Faraday provides 2 chargers, and the bike weighs 40 pounds so carrying it across a threshold or up stairs is less daunting than with other electric bicycles.


The Faraday Porteur honors vintage frame styling, offers several optional accessories to add utility and leverages tried and true electronic systems to offer the best around-town ride I’ve ever experienced on an electric bike. It’s not perfect for every application and trade offs have been made between performance, balance, price and beauty but they accomplish something remarkable.

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