Gocycle G2


The Gocycle is super light weight; just 35 lbs as tested. It’s also very easy to fold and stow, fitting in a custom lightweight soft shell case. There are no exposed wires or cables, everything is routed through the frame. The chain and three-gear shifter is inside a fully enclosed swing arm case. Both seat and handlebars adjust easily, allowing the rider to set not only height, but distance between them by tilting the handlebars forward, then locking the quick release lever into place.


The Gocycle’s hub motor is in the front wheel. The Gocycle’s designer refers to the bike’s drive as two wheel drive because the electric motor powers the front wheel while your legs pedal-power the rear wheel. The combination of all-wheel drive and a very low center of gravity results in remarkably agile, sure-footed handling.


The Gocycle has very attractive side mounted magnesium wheels with incredibly easy quick-mount hubs. It is no exaggeration to say that either front or rear wheel can be removed and mounted again in under ten seconds. The one-piece monocoque magnesium frame is pretty much the kind of design you’d expect from someone whose resume includes a stint as designer at McLaren. Beautiful, strong and very lightweight.


The bike has hydraulic disk brakes, Shimano Nexus 3-speed hub gear and an compact 500 watt hub motor. The motor is tiny, but has plenty of torque. The torque sensing pedals and Gocycle’s electronic predictive shifting make riding effortless. A boost button and manual shift button give the rider full control.


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