Battery EVs could be used for half of holiday road trips


With a little planning your EV could be used to to get you to holiday dinner with family or out-of-town friends. According to the Department of Transportation, the average Thanksgiving long-distance trip length is 214 miles round trip, compared with 275 miles over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday. Of the trips made, 44% are between 50 and 99 miles roundtrip while 56% are more than 100 miles round trip.


Based on these numbers, even battery EVs with the shortest range can accomplish the first leg of the majority of trips with ease. Before leaving, plan where you will charge at your destination. Then, leave with a full charge, get to your destination, and plug when you arrive or use any of the apps available that show charging options close to your location.


If your trip takes you outside of your EV's range, thanks to a variety of apps, finding charging stations and planning routes to take advantage of them during a trip is as easy as typing into your smart phone. There are a handful of charging station apps available split between commercial charging networks, like ChargePoint, and third party apps, like PlugShare. But, since all apps don't show all chargers, load them all on your phone to help ensure you can find a charger.


Level 2 isn't the best option for a road trip that exceeds your vehicle's range one way though. Recharging will add hours to a trip. But, if your vehicle is compatible with fast charging, then road trips that are further than your vehicle's range become a viable option as long as you plan for charging at your destination.


If your regular travels take you outside the range of mainstream battery EVs, then you should consider a plug-in hybrid. They might be the perfect solution for you driving needs. Enjoy all the benefits of an all-electric vehicle for the majority of your daily activities. Never use fossil fuels when running to the grocery store, heading to work or when running to the gym,  but when you do need to travel outside of the all-electric range, the vehicle's gas engine extends your range and ensures you can get to your destination with no disruptions to your plans. 

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