Nissan and BMW Partner On Nationwide Fast-Charging Network


Nissan and BMW announced on December 21, 2015 that they have partnered to help further the develop of the U.S. charging electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


The two companies have installed 120 new dual-port 50 kilowatt (kW) DC fast-charging stations. Nissan and BMW use different charging standards, so the combo stations support CHAdeMO and Combined Charging Standard (CSS). The CHAdeMO standard is used by the Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, and Kia Soul EV. The CCS standard is used by most U.S. and German manufacturers.


The charging stations are installed in 19 states: New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, New Mexico, Maryland, California, Connecticut, Nevada, Wisconsin, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.


The charger stations can be located with either the “ConnectedDrive” interface in the BMW i3 or the Nissan EZ-Charge smartphone app. All stations are also compatible with the Nissan EZ-Charge card, which grants drivers access to stations across multiple networks without the need for an array of network-specific cards and fobs.


Manufacturers are are putting money and personnel resources into developing robust charging networks. They understand that mainstream acceptance of EVs will require a thriving infrastructure.


Nissan’s director of Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing, Andrew Speaker, stated, “Nissan takes a three-pronged approach to growing public EV charging options for LEAF drivers by installing quick chargers in the community, at corporate workplaces and at Nissan dealerships. By working with BMW to increase the number of available public quick-chargers, we are able to further enhance range confidence among EV drivers across the country.”


Cliff Fietzek, Manager Connected eMobility, BMW of North America, echoed Nissan's commitment to continue to develop the pubic charging infrastructure. “BMW continues to pursue new ways to support the development of a robust public charging infrastructure that will benefit current and future BMW i3 owners across the country.” he said 'This BMW-Nissan project builds on BMW’s ongoing commitment to participate in joint partnerships designed to expand DC Fast charging options nationwide for all EV drivers. Together with Nissan, we are focused on facilitating longer distance travel so that even more drivers will choose to experience the convenience of e-mobility for themselves.”


This is good news for current and future EV drivers. As manufacturers continue to bring more EVs to market in an effort to meet stricter emissions standards, they are committing more resources to developing a nationwide network of charging stations. Audi recently announced its own network of fast-charging stations. And Tesla continues to be the benchmark the other manufacturers are chasing. The Tesla Supercharger network offers Tesla owners more than 600 fast-charge stations that offer their vehicle owners free charging.

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