NYX Bikes Carbon Fiber Kit


NYX Bikes 2015 Carbon Fiber Frame Kit is a perfect platform for a dream ebike build. Working as the bike's backbone, the kit gives ebike aficionados the opportunity to the spec out their grail list of parts. The rider picks everything: hub-drive system, batteries, controllers, chargers, throttle, wheel set, brakes, levers, handlebar, fork, stem.


The monocoque frame approach is an ideal solution for the problem of storing batteries, chargers and controllers on an ebike. NYX has given riders nearly 16 liters of storage inside the frame. A large panel on top of the frame gives access to the storage area. When closed, the batteries and other electronics stored inside are protected from the elements.


Ensuring the NYX 2015 frame kit suites the widest variety of riders and the vast number of component combinations that can be spec'ed, NYX offers plenty of customization options. Two types of steerer diameters are available. They also offer eight different bike geometries. A Schlumpf Drive System or fixed gear crankset can be added. The frame is compatible with wheel sizes up to 26-inches.


The weldless 6061T-T6 aircraft grade aluminum-block swingarm can be used with standard width or the 4-inch wide fat tires that are gaining in popularity.


As of December 2015, NYX was offering a limited time special price of $1,999 for their frame kit.


If you have the desire, the knowledge and the budget to spec out a truly one-of-a-kind rig tailored specifically to your riding style, the NYX 2015 carbon frame set is the perfect option.

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