Q Lite Electric Kick Scooters


An electric kick scooter can be a perfect solution as a last mile mode of transportation or for low speed recreation. They are smaller than electric bikes and more stable than electric skateboards. They are not just for kids, either. Built with sturdy frames, using lithium batteries and reaching speeds of 15 MPH, these scooters can carry up to 250 pounds 15 miles.

Unlike ebikes, electric kick scooters are light enough to be carried. They fold up in a few seconds making them easy to tote through bustling train stations. Their small folded size means they can be carried on light rail, the bus or other public transportation. When you exit, just unfold it, step on with one foot, and give it a kick to get moving. When you arrive at your destination, it's easy to take the folding light weight vehicle onto elevators or stash it under your desk in a corner.

The Q Lite scooter feels substantial. The folding mechanism feels solid and is simple to use. The scooter is equipped with thumb-controlled throttle and brakes. A nice feature on the Q Lite is its cruise setting. Press the throttle switch and keep the same speed for 5 seconds and the cruise control automatically kicks on. Eight-inch rubber tires give the scooter some cushion, soaking up regular bumps on sidewalks and walking paths.


The Q Lite is a top-quality kick scooter. Solid and easy to use, you might surprise yourself and use it for simply cruising around the neighborhood after using it as your commuter vehicle.

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