SolarWorld Sunmodule


SolarWorld is the largest US producer of solar panels. From raw silicon to crystal growing to wafer making to cell manufacture to final assembly; it is all done in the company’s Hillsboro, Oregon facility.

“By being vertically integrated, SolarWorld can control everything from quality to cost at every point in the manufacturing process,” said Marvin Talbert, Business Development Leader for SolarWorld. Because SolarWorld handles every step of the manufacturing process in house, they are able to produce panels with outputs ranging from 225W to 300W in 5W increments. “We are able to offer so many panels because we produce every cell and are then able to match each cell's output,” said Talbert. This matching adds to the panel's efficiency which translates to more energy produced from a given size panel.

Besides the variety of output, SolarWorld also offers a variety of finishes for their Sunmodule line. They were the first U.S. manufacturer to offer a black finish on their panels. The Mono Black line gained popularity because of its sleek aesthetic and its ability to blend in with roofing materials. And even though in most jurisdictions solar panels take precedent over home owners' association rules on aesthetics, according to Ben Santarris, Head of Corporate Communications for SolarWorld, “the Mono Black line continues to be very popular based solely on how it looks.”

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