Tesla Roadster


Aside from sexy styling provided by the Lotus-supplied carbon-fiber body, field-leading acceleration (0-60 in 3.7 seconds) and 245 mile range, the Tesla Roadster is most notable for kick-starting the EV resurgence. By giving the lie to any outdated preconceptions anyone ever had about EVs, Tesla ignited the EV revolution that now counts 33 highway capable passenger vehicles in production for US markets. Prior to the Tesla Roadster, there were zero.

This achievement alone is enough to earn Tesla a spot atop the roster in whatever EV Hall of Fame that comes to pass. But it is likely the Roadster will have a very active secondary market for the few owners that wish to part with one of the most coveted cars of the 21st century.

The Roadster is currently in production hiatus until 2014 when Tesla can produce bodies and chassis' at its Fremont, California production facility.


Electric Range: 245  

Total Range: 245

Combined MPGe: 120

Battery Capacity: 53 kWh


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