Victory Motorcycles Empulse TT


Being named the fastest U.S.-made electric motorcycle at the 2015 Isle of Man TT Zero race is one way to introduce the world to your company’s all-new electric motorcycle; and that’s exactly what Victory did.

The street-legal Empulse TT is built on the race bike's platform. Having lost the fairing, it now sports a modern, naked bike appearance. It’s a step away from the other models in the brand’s line-up. The Empulse TT’s bodywork looks more Tony Stark than Easy Rider. 

“We want the Empulse TT to augment our existing line though,”  said Joshua Katt, Project Manager for Victory Electric Motorcycles. “It mirrors the shift we've seen across the brand over the past few years and is building on the mantra of Modern American Muscle.”

The Victory motorcycle uses much of the existing Brammo technology, but this is not just a quick paint job and sticker swap. 

“We are embracing the fact that we have a few years of history and development,” said Katt. Working with the Brammo product team, Victory has achieved a 10% increase in battery capacity. The Empulse TT team also massaged ergonomics and handling. The emotorcycle was outfitted with new light-weight aluminum wheels that are narrower in the rear than the original Brammo. Victory also offers a performance fork upgrade to further improve handling. The Empulse TT also uses a 6-speed gearbox, which Victory says adds to the motorcycle's sporty feel and enhances rider engagement.

The Empulse TT looks to be a solid street bike that should appeal to commuters and performance motorcycle aficionados alike. 

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