Yuba Spicy Curry


You might not think of your e-bike as the best mode of transportation if you want to get a week’s worth of groceries, pick up enough pizzas to feed your kid’s football team, or take the kids to the park, but Yuba bikes is hoping to change that with the all-new Spicy Curry. Yuba knows cargo bikes and has several in conventional form. The Spicy Curry takes what they’ve learned and made a nice, usable e-bike package. The 20-inch rear wheel allows for a low cargo area. Keeping weight low is a priority, and because of the lengthened chain stays, the battery was also positioned nice and low. It all adds up to a stable base that can haul more then you would imagine.


The Spicy Curry comes equipped with a variety of mounting tabs making outfitting the bike to meet your needs an easy proposition. Tons of optional accessories are available including: 2-ft by 2-ft truck bed; bamboo sideboards; a Roots hand-lever activated double stand; to-go cargo bags; there are even options for adding child and passenger seats. Power to move all this cargo is provided by a Currie Technology 350W mid-drive motor and a 48V 8.7Ah battery that allows for a fully assisted 30 mile range. Front forks are tough Chromoly. Yuba hopes that bikes like the Spicy Curry will appeal to people looking for a way to ditch their cars once and for all, or at the very least make their reliance on them even less. The Spicy Curry should also appeal to delivery services and tradesmen. If you need to haul stuff, or even people, the Spicy Curry just might be the best thing on the menu.



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