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These calculators and pricing guides help prospective EV drivers save thousands of dollars on EV purchases. The calculators show net acquisition cost and total cost of ownership - figures that most consumers would have trouble calculating on their own, especially when comparing multiple makes and models. The pricing guides contain local market pricing including dealer discounts. The pricing data is exhaustively researched by ECI staff.

These apps are sponsored by electric utilities, who use them to promote their EV programs and move the needle on EV adoption. The apps can be white labeled.

Discount Pricing Guide

Competitive Market Pricing on EVs

The Discount Pricing Guide provides consumers with the best pricing available in a specific metro market.

How Big are the Savings?

The Discounts & Incentives Guide makes it easy to see the true cost of purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle.

Savvy consumers can save between $2,000 and $10,000 on the purchase of their EV if they have access to competitive market pricing and use that information to find the best deals. These discounts are in addition to several thousand dollars in Federal, State and Utility incentives. The guide walks consumers through the discounts and incentives, revealing the true net cost of their electric vehicle purchase or lease.

Electric Car Insider gathers and compiles all the relevant pricing data in a metro market.

The Discounts and Incentives Guide is an app for desktop, tablets and mobile devices. Apple IOS, Google Android, Macintosh and Windows versions are available. Starting with a summary, the guide drills down to show all applicable discounts, rebates and tax credits and displays your net price on a purchase or lease of a qualifying plug-in electric vehicle.

*Not everyone qualifies for Federal, state, local and employer rebates. This guide shows you how. The example is a realistic portrayal of one scenario, but is only for illustrative purposes. The example net price to consumer is before taxes, license and fees, which vary by jurisdiction. Local market pricing (dealer discounts) is available for most major U.S. markets, but is not available for all areas in the United States.

How Does it Work?

Most discounts are only available to customers savvy and tenacious enough to do the extensive research and negotiation required to obtain them. With this guide, ECI does the research and negotiation up-front and provides the information to your customer in a single document, in an easy-to-read format.

The app is updated monthly with new manufacturer and dealer discounts.

End-users download the app from the Apple or Google App stores and unlock it for a given metro area. The app has tables that summarize and provide details of the discounts and incentives available.

ROI and TCO Calculators

Electric Car Cost Savings

Find out how much money you can save over the life of the vehicle versus driving a gasoline car.

How Big are the Savings?

A cost of ownership comparison between two cars with similar performance, an electric car (Tesla Model 3) and a gasoline car (BMW 330i), over 5 years shows

Before making a large investment into a new electric car and charger equipment, find out how much money you will actually be saving. Compare your dream electric vehicle to your current one, or any other comparable gasoline model.

This app is currently in development. Please contact us for more information and release dates.