Electric Car Guest Drives

Share Your Electric Vehicle Experience

Electric Car Guest Drives are community events that feature a wide variety of electric cars to drive. Events are staffed by EV drivers, not auto dealership salespeople. The events are sponsored by electric utility companies.

Check out these videos:
Electric Car Guest Drive - Glendale CA 2018
Electric Car Guest Drive - Pearl River NY 2019
Electric Car Guest Drive - Mesa AZ 2019

Tracking Effectiveness Over Time

After attending one of our ECGD events, how many survey respondents purchased an EV?

Data based on averages from ECGD Follow-up Survey results, ECGD events between 2017-1019.

What is an Electric Car Guest Drive?

ECGDs are turn-key Ride and Drive events held in cities all over the United States.
The events are managed by experienced electric car drivers and educators.

We bring educators, event staff, vehicles and gear.
We also work with local EV advocates in each city.

The event provides guest drives of several different production electric cars. Product demonstrations and education are conducted by experienced EV owners and ECGD event staff who are product experts.

A Better Way to Do Ride and Drives

Presenters are EV Owners and Drivers

EV Owners and Drivers are more knowledgeable, credible and there is no sales pressure.

Attendees are Pre-Registered “By Invitation”

ECGD pre-registration ensures a qualified audience.

ECGD Provides Premium Cars

Typical Ride & Drives use available cars provided by local dealers. Most in-demand cars are often not available, and dealers can be “no-shows” if the demo car is sold the previous day. 

Load Balancing

Our original system of balancing the attendee load over the course of the event minimizes standing queues and wait time, eliminating the most common complaints from attendees.

High Quality Educational Material

Typical Ride & Drives use low quality flyers. High quality materials have more credibility and are more effective.

Full Year of Follow-up

Typical Ride & Drives offer little or no follow-up. Follow-up ensures obstacles and impediments are overcome.

"I thought it was a fantastic experience and liked that it was not a sales event but more informational.
It made me feel more comfortable asking questions."
Catherine Stevens — Spring Valley, NY

Project Management

ECI has developed optimized marketing materials with messages and imagery that have proven to be effective by delivering full-capacity attendance at nearly all events. Advance emails to attendees are presonalized and begin the development of a relationship.

ECI has held over 110 successful Ride & Drive events.

For each Electric Car Guest Drive we keep track of the number of registrations, the actual attendance and the number of drives performed per vehicle. We stay in touch with our ECGD attendees, sending follow-up surveys every 3 months for an entire year. We want to know if people have any obstacles to purchasing electric and help provide tools and services to assist them. 


The Electric Car Guest Drive was a polished and professional ride and drive, and one where the participants where very satisfied with the experience. I’d recommend it to any organization looking to provide an opportunity for a community to engage with EV’s.

Darren Spencer
Senior Product Marketer

Orange & Rockland

ECI helped us create a show-and-tell atmosphere where people could get behind the wheel and sit side-by-side with the owners of the vehicles who drive them every day. We were able to deliver an extraordinary customer experience, that left a lasting impression of what the future holds for them as consumers, and for us as an energy provider.

James Vasquez
Project Specialist