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Get Paid to Share your EV Experience

As an EV owner you know your vehicle better than any sales person. You know what you like and what doesn’t work. You have worked out where, when and for how long to charge your car, and much more.

Come join us in sharing what you have learned with others still on the journey to EV ownership.

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See what it’s like at an Electric Car Guest Drive:

What is an Electric Car Guest Drive?

Electric Car Guest Drives (ECGD) are community events that provide guest drives of a wide variety of currently available electric cars and pickup trucks. The goal is for attendees to learn whether an EV is a feasible choice for their lifestyle.

ECGDs are sponsored by electric utility companies

We staff our events with EV drivers, not auto dealership salespeople, to keep the focus educational without any sales pressure. We hear time and again from our attendees how much more helpful it was for them to speak to EV owners and learn from their first-hand experience.

"I thought it was a fantastic experience and liked that it was not a sales event but more informational.
It made me feel more comfortable asking questions."
Catherine Stevens — Spring Valley, NY

A few of our EV Presenters

About Electric Car Insider

Electric Car Insider was founded in 2009 by a group of educators, marketing experts and software developers who are also EV enthusiasts. The company’s first product was a comprehensive directory of electric cars.

The EV Buyers Guide is one of the industry’s most valuable resources for drivers looking to buy an EV.

It is used by utilities throughout the U.S. as a handout at events and Ride & Drives.

In 2013 ECI began producing Electric Car Guest Drives - Ride and Drives that are staffed by EV drivers rather than salespeople.

ECI has held over 160 successful Ride & Drive events across the U.S.

In the past 11 years, ECI has managed successful Ride & Drive events ranging from 30 to over 600 attendees.