Educational Exhibits

Turn-key EV Event Displays

Consumer focused exhibits, designed to explain the most important principles of acquiring and operating a plug-in electric car.

Large scale interactive exhibits for indoor and outdoor events. These inflatable pillars are designed to be set up throughout an event space to provide visual appeal and stations on a path throughout the walking path.

Ideal for use by utilities, municipalities and advocacy organizations as educational displays.

Each exhibit focuses on one of the essential areas of EV ownership. The displays provide answers to the top ten most common EV questions.

Top 10 EV Questions Answered

Get answers to the most common EV questions, including:

    • How and where do I charge my car?
    • How long does charging take?
    • How far can electric cars drive?
    • What incentives and rebates are available?
    • Are electric cars really cheaper to operate?
    • How green are electric cars?

Fully customizable with your logo, local pricing data and other information.

Easy Setup, Takedown, Storage


These huge inflatable pillars are designed for outdoor events and large indoor exhibit halls. A nylon travel case holds the wooden base and protects the printed sleeves and inserts.


The roll-up posters are best suited for indoor events, but can be used outdoors if anchored properly. The 33”x80” displays are easy to setup and take down. A travel case is included.


The flip charts are ideal for small group presentations and classroom style lectures. The 30”x36” posters are printed on heavy-duty, flexible vinyl and can be used indoors and out.

Add an Interactive Game

Engage your visitors with an interactive board game where the board is your exhibit floor. This EV Quick Reference card, usually handed out to visitors at the check-in desk, corresponds to the educational displays. Each question on the card is answered on one of the pillars. The images on the card give the attendees a hint about which display contains the answer.

Visitors use the card to test their knowledge and engage with each of the exhibits.

Event staff can use the cards as prompts to start conversations with visitors. The visual aids are designed to assist knowledge transfer during discussions. After completion, cards can be submitted in exchange for a copy of Electric Car Insider Magazine, the EV Ownership Guide or another reward.
A count and review of the cards as part of the post-event evaluation can help event coordinators track engagement and assess the educational effectiveness of the event.


EV Ownership Basics Guide

Take-Home 16-page Hand-out

Matches and reinforces the information
contained in the educational displays.

Designed to explain the most important principles of acquiring and operating a plug-in electric car.

Take-Home Guide for Participants:

Fully customizable with your logo, EV program info, local electric rates and other utility program information.