EV Adoption from Awareness to Advocacy

Supporting EV Adoption from Awareness to Advocacy

EV Buyers Guides

Compare electric vehicles and chargers with comprehensive, full-page profiles of the latest models. We publish four buyers guides yearly:

    • Electric Cars
    • Commercial Electric Trucks
    • Commercial Electric Chargers
    • Residential Electric Chargers

Educational Exhibits

Large scale interactive exhibits for indoor and outdoor events. Set them up along the walking path. Add our game cards for an hands-on interactive experience. Kids and parents love it!

    • Inflatable Pillars
    • Roll-up Posters
    • Huge Flip Charts
    • Matching 16-page EV Basics Guidebook
    • Matching 5” x 8.5” Interactive Game Card

Electric Car Guest Drives

Test drive the latest electric vehicles and learn from EV owners. We schedule guest drives year-round. Call us to add your city to the list. Available for:

    • Passenger Cars - for general audience and corporate events
    • Commercial Trucks - for fleet managers
    • Pickup Trucks and mobile EVSE Trailer - for fleet and property managers (Includes extensive commercial EVSE displays and presentations)

EV Navigator

Online, interactive app guides you along the journey to owning and driving an EV. Keep track of your progress as you learn about EVs, schedule drives, find incentives and tax credits, and chat with a mentor. Includes back-end reporting interface and analytics.