About ECI

Supporting EV Adoption with
Educational Resources

ECI offers a full suite of customizable EV educational products designed to move the needle on EV adoption.

Company History

EV Buyers Guide

Electric Car Insider was founded in 2009 by a group of educators, marketing experts and software developers who are also EV enthusiasts.  The company’s first product was a comprehensive directory of electric cars. 

ECI’s EV Buyers Guide continues to be one of the industry’s most valuable resources for drivers looking to purchase or lease an EV

It is used by utilities throughout the U.S. as a handout at events and Ride & Drives.

Electric Car Guest Drives

In 2013 the company began producing Ride & Drives we call Electric Car Guest Drives that were staffed by EV drivers and advocates rather than salespeople. One of Electric Car Insider’s hallmarks is providing knowledgeable, friendly staff for each event. Our staffers all personally drive EVs, so they can share their own experiences, not information from a sales product training class.

ECI has held over 160 successful Ride & Drive events across the U.S.

In the past 11 years, ECI has managed successful Ride & Drive events for VIPs, utility employees, commercial utility clients, and public events ranging from 30 to over 600 attendees. ECI provides the latest and most popular models: Tesla, Ford, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Hyundai, Audi, Kia and other electric vehicles.

Educational Pillars

Since 2014 ECI has added additional products to its line-up of educational resources, including software programs that make selecting and purchasing an EV easier, as well as large-scale, inflatable pillars that serve as educational guideposts, visual design and architectural elements for ride and drives. The exhibits answer the Top 10 most common EV questions.

The displays are used by ConEd, NYPA, O&R, OUC, Alabama Power, Pasadena, Colton and other utilities

EV Navigator

In 2018 ECI began developing EV Navigator, which assists prospective EV drivers along the journey to owning and driving an electric car. It is unique in that it lets users track their progress in learning about EVs and plan their next steps. 

EV Navigator is a Comprehensive EV Program for Utilities

For utilities, EV Navigator tracks and measures the success of users and provides reports for each phase of the process, giving management insight into the state of the local EV market  and the tools needed to optimize their EV Outreach Programs. 

The program is based on a modular framework providing responsive solutions to each utility’s needs.