EV Navigator

A Comprehensive EV Program for Utilities

EV Navigator assists prospective EV drivers along the journey to owning and driving an electric car.

The Journey

EV Navigator is an interactive app that helps people learn about electric cars and chargers. The program provides tools and resources for EV drivers to become advocates to family, friends and co-workers. EV Navigator supports the full EV lifecycle, helping EV drives to generate awareness and interest for the next group of potential EV drivers.

EV Navigator assists prospective EV drivers to move from EV awareness to EV advocate.

Bingo Board Progress

A step-by-step path to guide users to the goal.

Tracking Progress

While a lot of information about EVs is available online, there is a lack of comprehensive guides helping customers along the entire journey to EV ownership. EV Navigator is unique in that it lets users track their progress in learning about EVs and plan their next steps. A visual dashboard with tiles that change colors as topics are finished, helps users keep track of what tasks are complete and which ones are upcoming.

Users pick the topics, EV Navigator keeps track of their progress and provides back-end reports.

Management Reports

For utilities, EV Navigator tracks and measures the success of people using the system to guide their progress from newbie to EV expert. The system provides reports for each phase of the process, giving management the tools needed to optimize their EV Outreach Programs. EV Navigator is fully integrated with Google Analytics and automatically surveys users to evaluate the effectiveness of the resources.

Modular Design

The framework holds diverse resources.

Flexible Framework

EV Navigator is not just a single program. It is a framework for organizing educational resources — articles, applications, documents and activities people need to access to understand their electric transportation options and overcome any obstacles.

EV Navigator is based on a modular framework. Individual components can be added or customized.

As an ensemble, EV Navigator and the individual components of the system provide responsive solutions to each utility’s needs. The easy-to-use interface can be branded with your logo and the content can be tailored and customized to specific requirements. EV Navigator is a cloud based software program optimized for desktop and mobile.

EV Navigator Activities

    • Download EV Basics Guide
    • Read Buyers Guide Magazines
    • Use EV Matching Engine
    • Register for Ride and Drives
    • Call the Help Desk
    • Search the Knowledge Base
    • Contact an Electrician
    • Calculate your Tax Credits
    • Find a Local EV Dealer
    • Get a Charger Installation Quote
    • Find a Local EV Meetup
    • And More...